Nyaope: The Drug that prostitutes even 13yr olds!!

18 January 2011 FaithMangope 3 Comments

Nyaope, the drug which has got 13year olds selling their bodies for a whiff, seems to be prevailing in GP’s townships. Upon having a conversation with an anonymous recovering drug addict, it was suggested that all is left for the affected ones is prayer. I ask therefore, has this drug engulfed the minds of young people to the extent where they are left with barely any hope? Or can a caring community step in and do something about the situation?

I leave it to you to decide

By: Faith Mangope

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3 responses TO "Nyaope: The Drug that prostitutes even 13yr olds!!"

CliveMH says:


kilebogile says:

i found out that my boyfriend was smoking nyaope when i was seven month pregnant luckly it didn't affect our baby,but his family knew aobut it and they kept quite until he died last year and they started saying he had aids and asking me questions lyk did i ever tested for hiv and i said yes but it looked like they suspected me of infecting him forgeting that he started using it around 2005 or before that,but the thing is he left his home 2 and half years leaving on the street of pretoria not going back home and the last tyme i saw him was in 2009 after his sister chased him away and i could not help him alone while his family did not even care where he was,but anyway my baby is now 5 and we are doing just fine,i used to stress not knowing where to look for him but i thought if i am the only caring and not his family does it really help and i also thought if i find him where is he gonna stay as he sold my clothes in 2007 whilei was pregnant so i just let it go until somebody took him home from the street where he was deadly sick.i really don't know what happened to this coutry why is SA not like uk and china where it is a serios offence to be cought with drugs and people who are doing this they are here illegally but they still getaway with drug trafficking i hope our government does somehing to this killers,and parents should plaese teach our kids about the dangers of this things.

Martin says:

A colleague of mine mentioned the name Nyaope at work a while back so I went ahead and Googled it. It's shocking to realise that something like this has been on the streets for quite some time already and I'm only finding out about it now. I think it scares me the most because only now do I realise how many other things there are out there that we are not aware of. It's like there's a whole other world, one that plays off in dark streets and alleys, where individuals dwell with no concience, no feeling, reduced to mere vessels of a dying soul, feeding off the scraps of the masses and persueing anything that could uplift their spirits, even if it's just for a second. I often think of certain parts of our coutry like the movie I Am Legend, where individuals shut themselves in as darkness fills the country, and as the population of the underworld comes out. Their day starts when the rest of us go to bed. I cannot help to think that they were also babies at some point, someone cared for them. Where are those people now, when they need them most? Why do we draw the curtains and pretend that this hidden world does not exist? And why do we blindly look on as our borders overflow with people who enter our country with the intention to introduce our people to the very things that cause our demise? Money truly is the root of all evil

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