How clean is our water kahle kahle?

6 October 2010 Lela No Comments

The other day there was an interesting topic on Mo Flava’s show about the cleanliness of water. It’s pretty simple, we know that we will drink a glass of tap water when we’re really parched. I prefer cooler water… or bottled, not because I’m a snob but because I like my water cold. Tap water does not come out cold enugh for me- and I’m not always at home where I can put in ice…. and WAIT….

They got an expert to do this test on samples of water… I’m not even gonna get into what it is cause I’d put myself to sleep, but essentially he ended up with this. This was a sample of tap water. Apparently bottled and cooler water made the cut.

Note, this is a picture taken off a cellphone. by Tsheko Mosito- a real person at Yfm. It’s real guy.

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